Spirale Amber Pink Gift Set with Rhubarb Radiance

Spirale Amber Pink Gift Set with Rhubarb Radiance

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A classic Lampe Berger—with a twist! The exuberant raised lines of the Spirale Coral Fragrance Lamp are fun and enticing.

Clear at the top, the gradient color of the translucent lacquered glass darkens to a warm shade of coral at the base. A curving relief twists around the classic rounded shape of the lamp’s body, creating a sense of energy and movement.

The accompanying Rhubarb Radiance home fragrance is sparkling and vegetal. Green and fruity scents of rhubarb give way to a floral heart of jasmine before the composition closes on woody, resinous notes of cedarwood.

Bright color and a sparkling fragrance radiate energy and fun, making your space irresistible.

Lamp sold in a gift set with accessories: wick-burner, round silver diffuser cap, stopper, funnel + 250 ml Velvet of Orient home fragrance.