Lampe Berger Immersion Grey Lamp

Lampe Berger Immersion Grey Lamp

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With the Immersion Lampe Berger, nature reveals its characteristics through the poetic gze of designer Rozenn Mainguené. Beyond the valley, we can make out a discreet forest standing on a bed of moss and scattered with undulating ponds. The lamp provides the perfect balance between the stability of an oval shape, the texture of a wave in movement and the timelessness of moss grey. The silver metal ball-shaped mounting provides just the right amount of preciousness. The elegant creativity of the interor architect Rozenn Mainguené is fully expressed in this fragrance catalytic lamp, confirmed by the technical know-how of Maison Berger Paris.

Capacity: 290 ml
Top: Shiny silver ball-shaped mounting
Color: Moss grey

Lamp sold in pack with a catalytic burner, 1 stopper & 1 funnel.

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